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Yogahood Australia partners with volunteer yoga instructors, community groups, government agencies and other non-profit orgnisations to provide mindfulness-based yoga to often overlooked and at-risk individuals. 


Yogahood Australia's programs also serve individuals facing challenges with mental health, addiction, poverty, violence, trauma, or homelessness.


Our yoga outreach is currently taken to community groups in need around Melbourne with the aim of reaching communities right throughout Australia in the future.

Since our inception in 2015, we have brought free yoga to individuals in need through our strong partnerships with other not-for-profits and organisations.

We partner with others serving at-risk and underserved individuals, so our work can have the greatest reach and impact. 


We provide a free six-week yoga program to eligable organisations serving and working with at-risk and underserved communities. 

In our classes, students are invited to connect with their bodies in a safe and supportive way by:


  • learning to be present

  • practicing and experiencing making choices

  • experiencing taking effective action

  • increasing and decreasing the intensity in muscles

  • connecting with their body and the environment through their breath


Our classes are culturally sensitive and respect the beliefs, values, and needs of the individual. 


Organisations who do not wish to sign up to our free six-week yoga program can trial our yoga classes for a fee, which is paid directly to the teacher with 20% donated back to us to support our outreach work.


We collect feedback from each of our programs so we can measure and assess the impact of our services.

Common feedback shows our 6-week yoga programs help students build trust, manage their emotions, develop a connection to themselves and others, and help manage stress and anxiety.



Many Yogahood participants have experienced trauma or displacement, hence our programs are all tailored to focus on the mental benefits of yoga, as well as the physical.
  • Felt more relaxed

  • Classes helped manage anxiety 

  • Were able to focus on the moment

  • Noticed improvement in mood

  • Were able to build trust

  • Felt welcome and accepted

  • Were better able to regulate emotions

  • Programs created a sense of calm

  • Classes gave them "something to look forward to"

  • Completing the program gave a sense of achievement 

  • Developed a connection to own emotions and feelings as well as the feelings of people around them

  • Participants felt welcomed and accepted

  • Had fun! 


Since our inception in 2015, we have partnered with organisations such as Headspace, EACH, Launch Housing, Mind Australia and other non-profits who serve the wider community. 

Our aim is to provide additional support in their client's journey towards wellbeing, health and healing.

"Participants noted being able to manage anxiety better, finding a safe space to relax and unwind. It helped them engage with (headspace) services as a whole" 

- Community Engagement Officer, Headspace

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